The Prometheum Charter

In order to fuel the flame of intellectual curiosity that burns within us, and to bring together those who desire to surround themselves with free thinkers from all fields of thought, so that they may expand their intellect, share their thoughts, cultivate their ideas, discuss their opinions, and enjoy the pursuit and attainment of knowledge for the benefit of themselves and of mankind, we do ordain and establish this Charter for the Prometheum.

Article One

The Prometheum is a Society established upon the broad purview of philosophy, open to vast and diverse realms of thought and experience.

Article Two

The Society seeks the intellectually curious, those who endeavor to enrich their lives through the attainment of knowledge, the appreciation of the aesthetic, and the pursuit of ideas, each for its own sake.

Article Three

The Society is dedicated to the mutual improvement of its members and to that of the community at large.

Article Four

The Society, realizing that discourse is essential to the viability of democracy, encourages discussion and the exchange of ideas by implementing a code to facilitate free and open debate.

The Code of Promethean Debate

No Titles
All participants are equal.
No Preferences
All opinions are equal.
No Restraints
All discussions are free and open.
No Repercussions
All conversations are free of personal attack.
No Victories
All debate seeks truth.

Article Five

The Society is governed by its Bylaws, which are part and parcel to this Charter.


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